aaaargghh.. sendmail again

Julian Elischer julian at
Wed Jul 6 05:59:47 GMT 2005

I'll be trying the various suggestions I got tomorrow

thanks all.

On Wed, 6 Jul 2005, Giorgos Keramidas wrote:

> On 2005-07-05 19:31, Gregory Neil Shapiro <gshapiro at> wrote:
>>> Very true.  Is that correct though, or should we remove it from the
>>> generic.m4 file of FreeBSD?
>> No, I don't want to diverge from Sendmail's source any more than we
>> already have for a variety of reasons.
> That's ok :-)
> Just to summarize then, the solution to Julian's problem then is either
> one of:
> a) Manually edit the generated and remove the C{E}root line.
> b) Avoid using DOMAIN(generic) and manually copy over whatever seems
> interesting from generic.m4 into his local file and then
> regenerate from that .mc file.
> I'd probably go for choise (b), because it doesn't require remembering
> local "hacks" like "open that file in your editor, remove that line, add
> this one, etc."

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