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W. D. WD at
Wed Jul 6 03:42:30 GMT 2005

At 21:56 7/5/2005, Timothy McLouth wrote:
>First i tried to make my own installation cd(s) from the instructions given, 
>they did not work so I e-mailed for answers got two different answers 
>neither of which worked so i bought the installation cd(s) ver 5.4...I 
>downloaded the manual which is of little or no use due to variations in 
>installation methods described in the manual and what is actually shown on 
>screen...the ports collection came with it...when i use the make install 
>command it tries to access the internet..then i get a message saying, it 
>couldnt fetch,... try manually... error 1...what is the problem i would 
>really like to use this operating system...I also bought a book for $47 
>which is useless, the title is misleading..."The design and implementation 
>of FreeBSD" is of no use unless you want to know what the processor is doing 
>from start to end....what a waste of money......I am familiar with unix and 
>still have my unix book from college, in addition i have a bachelors of 
>science in computer information
> systems...Im begining to believe that this is all BS unless i get some 
>straight answers...

Hey Tim,

Don't give up yet!  Sysinstall is a bit confusing.  I had many
of the same problems you are having.  Consequently, I researched
quite a bit and then wrote my own "HowTos":

Please let me know if this helps you.

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