aaaargghh.. sendmail again

Giorgos Keramidas keramida at
Wed Jul 6 01:56:07 GMT 2005

On 2005-07-05 17:46, Julian Elischer <julian at> wrote:
> N machines on a "ficticious net  "" (not the real name).
> neet to get email out to the real world. via connected server
> mailgate.real.domain. (ficticious name)
> They pass it forward to a server on their net ""
> which uses the "Smarthost" option in Sendmail to
> forward them on to mailgate.real.domain,
> however mailgaet will not accept the mail unless the "sender"
> resolves to something real. I have no control over that machine.
> I am trying to alter the sendmail config on
> so that it rewrites the sender (both envelope and header)
> to be from mumble at registered.domain.
> the sendmail m4 config file now has:

> divert(0)
> VERSIONID(`$FreeBSD: src/etc/sendmail/,v 2002/11/14 03:21:18 keramida Exp $')
> OSTYPE(freebsd4)
> DOMAIN(generic)
> FEATURE(access_db, `hash -o -T<TMPF> /etc/mail/access')
> FEATURE(blacklist_recipients)
> FEATURE(local_lmtp)
> FEATURE(mailertable, `hash -o /etc/mail/mailertable')
> FEATURE(virtusertable, `hash -o /etc/mail/virtusertable')
> FEATURE(genericstable, `hash -o /etc/mail/senders.db')
> FEATURE(masquerade_entire_domain)
> FEATURE(local_no_masquerade)
> FEATURE(masquerade_envelope)
> define(`SMART_HOST', `')
> MASQUERADE_AS(`registered.domain')

> where /etc/mail/senders.db
> contains: the 'has' version of:
> root    jre at registered.domain
> root at      jre2 at registered.domain

> So, by 2 different methods I'm trying to get the mail to say its
> coming from registered.domain but it isn't doing it, leaving it as
> comig from

Hi Julian,

Have you also tried sending email from a non-root account?  The root
user is "exposed" by default in Sendmail.  This means that the root user
will *NOT* be masqueraded or remapped through genericstable.  You can
see that the root user is exposed by looking at the {E} class:

    gothmog:/etc/mail# grep '{E}'

Try sending email from a different local user or remove the root user
from the {E} class (by manually editing and restarting

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