How to clear tun0 interface?

David LeCount snailboy1 at
Tue Jul 5 22:33:29 GMT 2005

--- wizlayer <wizlayer at> wrote:

> On Monday 04 July 2005 11:07 pm, you wrote:
> > --- wizlayer <wizlayer at> wrote:
> > > What errors?
> >
> > -su-2.05b# ifconfig tun0 destroy
> > ifconfig: SIOCIFDESTROY: Invalid argument
> > -su-2.05b# ifconfig tun0 deletetunnel
> > ifconfig: SIOCDIFPHYADDR: Invalid argument
> >
> And what version of FreeBSD are you running on?  I
> seem to 
> remember this comming up before (maybe it was on
> another list), 
> but I believe this was supposed to have been fixed
> with 5.3
> WizLayer

I have upgraded from 5.4 Release to the stable branch
and it still gives the same errors. I figured there
was a change in how this was supposed to be
accomplished, but if it is a bug, it has been there
for a long time, at least a year. I didn't think it
was because ppp is able to reset tun0, but maybe it's
specific to the ifconfig command. I'm not sure. I'm
just tired of my IPv6 not working correctly and I
looked at the source code and it's too complex for my skills.

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