serious note(s) [WAS: Linux move to FreeBSD]

David Armour dfarmour at
Tue Jul 5 15:31:32 GMT 2005


> On a more serious note, am I the only one who has been
> getting hiccups of freebsd-questions mail from last year? I
> just got a bunch of traffic (including one of the previous
> incarnations of this abysmal Beastie logo non-debate) from
> late December, all posts that I had seen before.

Thanks for your note. No, you're not the only one. 

As I have occasionally re-read (other) stuff by mistake, I made 
a point of noting the Dec 2004 dates too. I wondered if Kmail, 
shawmail, or some other as-yet-unnamed network glitch caused 
the hiccups.

And then, within a day or so, the list digest feed(s) seemed to 
dry up for a day and half. I'm used to scanning two or three 
freebsd-questions' digests/day, and noticed I suddenly had all 
this extra time. :c) The digests resumed again overnight [two 
dated 'Today' at 3:35 & 5:00 am, if anyone's interested], but 
the volume of traffic still seems severely reduced. 

I hope this info is of some use.

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