Programs and lib's disappearing, FreeBSD 5.4

Nick Larsen larsen.nick at
Tue Jul 5 03:44:20 GMT 2005


I love FreeBSD, but lately I've found in version 5.4-RELEASE every so
often I won't be able to run a program as it depends on a library
(which used to be there).

Eg: today i tried to access my webserver...Failed... So I SSH'd into
the box and ran
# apachectl start

It complained that it couldn't find which was needed by
modules/, but my web server had been working fine other
days, with absolutely no changes.
I fixed this problem, and then it couldnt find some *expat*.so.5 file,
which i then created sym links in /lib and /usr/lib (as it resides in

Later on today, I tried to sudo a command, and got...
bash: sudo: command not found

I had to reinstall sudo.

I'm extremely cofused, and have checked auth.log (My passwords are
quite difficult to crack as they have no meaning).

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