accidental overwrite

Norberto Meijome freebsd at
Tue Jul 5 01:16:07 GMT 2005

steve lasiter wrote:
> My question(s) are: Is there any way to revert back to
> the original file if this type of mistake is made? If
> not is there anyway to get just that one file without
> having to do a complete removal and installation? And
> finally, is the only way to NOT do this again is to
> use the appropriate flags with cp?

Hi Steve,
first of all, as a rule of thumb, u wouldn't want to write your own 
files into /usr/local/bin/ unless they are your own scripts. data (other 
from executables) from ports / base system are hardly ever (never?) 
found in a 'bin' directory (/usr/local/bin/ , /usr/bin/, /sbin/, etc)

If I were in this pickle, i'd just do reinstall the port and move on :)

If for whatever reason ur current mysql-client port folder is a version 
you dont' want to upgrade to,you can cvsup the port to the version you 
are after (not sure about the details of this...). Once you have 
cvsuped to that version, do a make ; make deinstall; make reinstall and 
u should be fine.

You could also just do a make on the ports and copy the file by hand (to 
  be absolutely certain only /usr/local/bin/mysql is updated).


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