Linux move to FreeBSD

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>> It truly boggles the mind at how frequently people protest
>the on-going
>> decision to use beastie on the public face of FreeBSD.  It's
>almost like a
>> guest who comes into your home and then starts redecorating!
>I believe there was nothing in the original question that would
>resemble "redecorating". It was a polite question about why FreeBSD
>had this "feature".

No, it wasn't.  Not if you read the entire message context.  It was
a question along the lines of "how dare you do this" or "what idiot
used this"  He may not have used those exact words but the meaning
was clear.

The poster praises the OS on a technical merit and then goes on to
raise this issue.  What possible basis of selection for a computer
operating system IS there OTHER than technical merits?

>I am, personally, currently helping my friend to buy and configure a
>computer for him and his family. Although I know FreeBSD better than
>Linux (and this does not mean I am a FreeBSD guru), I'll be installing
>something like Ubuntu on that machine, not FreeBSD, because my friend
>and his family are religious men.

Then you sir are doing your friend a disservice.  Once this system is
setup they will be going to you for help, and your deliberately setting
them up with a system you don't know as well - thus you will be less
able to help them.

My church, First Presbyterian Church of Portland, OR uses several FreeBSD
servers for their web/mail/fileserving needs.  They also use Macs running
MacOS X almost exclusively, and MacOS X was based partly on FreeBSD.  And
they also have a Win2K server in the mix which comes from Microsoft, who
cheated their way into the market, and is a far less honorable
than any organization which has helped to create FreeBSD.

I suppose that in your view, my church ( is less
religious than you are.  I feel that you have completely missed
the entire thrust of Jesus's message.


PS  And I don't suppose you have a problem with Ubuntu even though many
networking utilities that are in it and in Linux came from BSD code, and
BSD used the daemon image long before Linux was even a thought in

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