FreeBSD locks up when X-windows running (LONG)

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at
Mon Jul 4 08:50:14 GMT 2005

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>> No, I am saying your going to have to rebuild with the
>> June drivers and _see_if_it_works_.
>> If that locks up, well then as Nvidia wrote those drivers,
>> you can call them on their support line.  Please report
>> back here and let us know how this works out - a lot of
>> people are avoiding purchasing that chipset or boards with
>> that chipset because Nvidia don't supply programming info,
>> and nobody really knows how well Nvidia is going to support
>> us.
>Is there any 3d hardware company that does supply enough programming
>info? I looked a year ago, but I haven't seen any *product* yet,
>although there are initiatives.

Yes, here's 2:


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