Anyone running FreeBSD 4.x or 5.x on a 'VIA EPIA PD' mini-ITX

Andreas Rudisch cyb. at
Sat Jul 2 19:29:33 GMT 2005

On Sat, 2005-07-02 at 18:24 +0800, Paul Hamilton wrote:
> Hi,
> Anyone running FreeBSD 4.x or 5.x on a 'VIA EPIA PD'  mini-ITX
> I would be interested to see if you get the full chipset functionality, ie.
> both NIC's, IDE HD, VGA (X-Windows or just CLI), Audio, USB?  How about the
> Digital IO section?
> They look very nice :-)
> Cheers,
> Paul Hamilton

Hi Paul, 

I use a VIA EPIA PD-10000 as a small dsl- router / ftp / print /
whatever-server for my LAN here at home running FreeBSD 5.4. The NICs,
HDD, USB, CLI work fine. Audio and X-Windows should work too. (I have
only tested this on an EPIA M-10000, but there it worked without any
problems. The onboard graphic chip is fast enough for most 2D
application, but it was to slow for me to playback xvid/divx, but an
additional PCI graphic card should solve this problem.) When transfering
data via ftp I get about 10MB/s up/down. Make buildworld takes about two
hours. All in all, it is a nice system and fits my needs. I like it.


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