Question about the RELENG_5 branch ...

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at
Fri Jul 1 19:21:20 GMT 2005

      I was under the impression that the only patches being back ported 
in 5.4-RELEASE are from the security team to fix security related 
issues. Do patches that resolve problems that are known to cause panics 
get back ported as well?

Thanks for the reply,

Matthew Grooms

Nikolas Britton wrote:
> On 7/1/05, Matthew Grooms <mgrooms at> wrote:
>>      I understand the difference between STABLE and CURRENT but I am a
>>bit confused about the RELENG_5 branch. Is this just another name for
>>the 5.x STABLE branch or is it used for something completely different?
>>I have a production server that is running 5.4-RELEASE but requires a
>>few stability fixes that have been checked into RELENG_5. Im just not
>>sure if I should cvsup the host to that branch or apply the patches
>>manually to the 5.4-RELEASE install.
>>Thanks in advance,
>>Matthew Grooms
> You check to see if they where going to be backported into 5.4?

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