raid1 with gmirror (some questions left)

P.U.Kruppa root at
Fri Jul 1 10:12:23 GMT 2005

On Thu, 30 Jun 2005, Danny Howard wrote:

> P.U.Kruppa wrote:
>> As far as I can see, booting from gm0 works fine. There are only two 
>> questions left:
>> 1) I installed FreeBSD 5.4 -RELEASE and thus I put - as
>>    recommended (or was that only for 5.3 ???) - swapoff="YES into
>>    my /etc/rc.conf .
>>    Now my raid1 device doesn't show any swap partition. Is this
>>    o.k., or should it be reactivated somehow?
> Uhmmm, can you elaborate on that?
O.K. I will try to:
# gmirror list
# mount
# swapinfo 
all show the about the same stuff as yours. During Raid setup I
inserted a line
into /etc/rc.conf -since it was recommended. It is still there 
can I remove it now or will there be any problems?

Thanks for your hints,


* Peter Ulrich Kruppa - Wuppertal - Germany * 

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