Free BSD Router/Gateway

Robert Slade bsd at
Sun Jan 30 07:47:38 PST 2005


I'm new to Free BSD, but getting to like it. I have a project in mind,
using a test setup to start but hopefully resulting in something I can
use in a production environment.

Currently my internal network has a couple of W2k servers which are
getting long in the tooth like me, and keep falling over. In addition,
the way my network in total is setup is rather wasteful of external IP
addresses and has firewalls on all machines in addition to the main
firewall/gateway to my internal network. 

This leads me to consider a router/gateway/firewall with DHCP and DNS
connected to my ADSL link and routing via NAT and port forwarding etc to
my internal network and DMZ and acting as a router/ firewall for the
external IPs. 

This leads me to my first question, what modem should I use, is there a
USB or PCI modem that works well with Free BSD? 

Thinking about the Firwall / Routing issue leads to more questions:

What would the best way of doing this be, bearing in mind that it would
need to be remotely administered, preferably by a web page?

Is there a Howtoo or similar that would help?

Thats probably enough for now.

Thanks for your time.


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