enable linux compatibility

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at be-well.ilk.org
Sat Jan 29 06:49:11 PST 2005

Dick Hoogendijk <dick at nagual.st> writes:

> On 29 Jan Thomas Foster wrote:
> > Try downloading a linux binary or installing a linux based application
> > from ports.. if you do not get any elf binary errors then yo umost
> > likely have the linux compatibility enabled correctly.  The only other
> > thing to watch for are any programs that might require linprocfs
> My FreeBSD-4.11R system gives me on "portupgrade linux_base" an upgrade
> to some RH-7.3 linux release. Lots of other ports seem to relate to
> linux_base-8. If I deinstall linux_base, WHAT other port package do I
> really need (want). There is lots of them nowadays (redhat, debian,
> suse; I lost track..)

/usr/ports/UPDATING describes how to update to linux_base-8.

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