hardware testing / burn in software

O. Hartmann ohartman at uni-mainz.de
Fri Jan 28 06:37:56 PST 2005

Dave Carrera schrieb:

> Hi List,
> Is there any freebsd based p.c hardware / burn in testing software 
> available ?
> I ask as i am building 3 new servers and want to check all parts ie, 
> mem, hdd, cpu etc before loading on my freebsd.
> What would be ideal is a micro kernal on a floppy disk or self booting 
> cd with the testing software on the disk, i can only hope :-)
> Any help or advice is appreciated
> Thank you in advance
> Dave C

For testing and stressing CPU/Cahce/memory interface look at

For memory testing purposes
is very useful, I would prefer latter due to an ISO image for autostart.

For other purposes and device's testing I do not know any tool (under 
UNIX like FreeBSD),
maybe bonny for harddrives?

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