Missing INDEX file in Ports

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at toybox.placo.com
Fri Jan 28 03:34:52 PST 2005

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> > yeah, but including it would be easier for alot of people. Especially
> > people who
> > are using a slower computer.
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> I agree "make index" is no fun on a slow computer, but if space is a
> problem is it really a good idea to put generated files on the CD?

INDEX has been included with every CDROM pressing of FreeBSD 4.x
previously.  And this will be the last 4.X pressing.  So, it must
have required a really severe space
crunch to justify this significant of a deviation.

Now, lets's see here:

Disc 1 of FreeBSD 4.11 KDE is 647MB
Disc 1 of FreeBSD 4.11 Gnome is 576MB

The INDEX file is 6MB

A cdrom holds 660-700MB of data

And I won't even go into the thousands of dollars of network costs
involved in fetching a 6Mb index file over the Internet for everyone
that could have been included on the CD.


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