What is best: NFS or Samba? was:NFS Mounting,

Mark Busby redtick at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jan 25 14:46:30 PST 2005

On 2005-01-25 Kris Kennaway  wrote:
>> I'm trying to mount from a freeSBIE system (freeBSD 5.3) to my freeBSD server (5.1) when I get the errormessage: RPCPROG_MNT: RPC:
+Authentication error; why = Client credential too weak.
>> What can I do?
>Try to mount as root, not a nonprivileged user.
>I'm doing that now. I also found out that I cant mount into a directory, only directly to a mount >point. Something that was very clearly
>+described in the handbook.
>However, I have a samba share on the same server, it's sharing exactly the directory I want to >have access to from my freeBSD client. Is it a
>+better way to go via SAMBA then, compared to share everything?
>Are there any other ways to solve this?

I fought this also and found this to help.
edit the lines in "/etc/hosts.allow"   to match your needs.
# Rpcbind is used for all RPC services; protect your NFS!
# (IP addresses rather than hostnames *MUST* be used here)
rpcbind : : allow 
rpcbind : : allow
rpcbind : ALL : ALL

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