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Donald J. O'Neill donaldj1066 at
Mon Jan 24 19:20:54 PST 2005

On Monday 24 January 2005 06:54 pm, Kris Kennaway wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 25, 2005 at 01:42:24AM +0100, Gert Cuykens wrote:
> > Do we still need perl to make use of ports
> >
> > Just asking because it bugs me. I never use it and it just takes up
> > space and it is a security risc :P I want it gone :)
> Only if you want to do certain things like 'make index', but not for
> general use (this has been the case for years).
> Kris

And if you want to install packages using the ports tree. If you want to 
depend on installing packages only, ok. Of course, you have to wait for 
them to be built.

I just ran pkg_info -R perl-5.8.5, too many to count by hand.

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