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Peterhin hindrich at
Mon Jan 24 18:03:25 PST 2005

I am going by what G. Lehey is suggesting in his book "The Complete 
FreeBSD" on pg. 70 he does not recommend a /usr, or a /var file system.

> i dont see the /usr in your calculations...
> asside of that...
> it really depends on what youre going to do with the system, or which
> data its going to be holding...
I am mostly going to use it for my personal files, internet, email and 
learning UNIX. 

> this is absolutely subjective, cant tell you as long as i dont get
> any further data on the probably size of your data, and where theyll
> be stored...
> Greetings
> Oliver Leitner
> Technical Staff
> On Tuesday 25 January 2005 01:43, Peterhin wrote:
> > I asked the question the other day,  whether to do a standard
> > install or a custom install. This was brought about because I read
> > several sources, including  G. Lehey's "The Complete FreeBSD"
> >
> > I will be doing a Custom install. My question however, is looking
> > at page 70, in "The Complete FreeBSD" and I quote "Use the rest of
> > the space on disk for a /home file system. as long as it's possible
> > to back it up on a single tape. Otherwise make multiple file
> > systems."
> >
> > My question is do I make multiple /home directories.? I have a SATA
> > 80GB hard drive, so as Greg L. suggests  4GB to 6GB for the root
> > file system.
> > 1GB to 2GB for the Swap file. The rest of the disk for the /home
> > file.
> >
> > That would leave me with a  /home  of approx. 72GB. I would
> > appreciate any thoughts as to how I should  do this. The computer
> > will be used as a stand alone workstation, with internet and email
> > access for now. I do have a large number of JPEG files in my
> > existing /home directory. (Linux)


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