Matthias Buelow mkb at
Fri Jan 21 04:28:13 PST 2005

David Gerard wrote:

>>My experience is that with a 500Mhz Pentium 3 (512K cache, 512mb RAM, 
>>Matrox G450 AGP graphics), Gnome (2.6 tested) is unbearably slow.  A 
> I have read that pango is grossly CPU-hungry, but that the project is
> keenly aware of the problem. (But refuses to do the easy thing of special

I never understood why they couldn't use pre-rendered glyphs when the 
background is a uniform white, or sth. like that.  Anyways.  Compare it 
with Quake3, which ran very well on the above hardware.  Just to see in 
what ballpark today's "modern" desktops are, when apparently they don't 
seem to do much, they do in fact burn CPU cycles like hell.  Of course 
Q3 is hardware accelerated, but still.


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