Thread Scheduling

Gardner Bell gbell72 at
Thu Jan 20 11:56:56 PST 2005

While reading The Design and Implementation of FreeBSD I came across
the section on thread scheduling.  At the present time I am only
testing FreeBSD on a single processor system, but will be moving to an
SMP once I complete building it.  Now it says that since FreeBSD 5.0
the /sys/kern/sched_ule.c along with the historic 4.4BSD scheduler is
available to be used at the time the kernel is built.

My question is, will I notice any performance improvement by using the
new scheduler opposed to the 4.4BSD scheduler on an SMP system and can
the new scheduler be utilized on a single processor system?  The
intended use of the SMP system is for MySQL databases only.

Note: I'm far from a C or kernel guru so if anyone replies please
respond in a manner a noobie to C would understand.


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