enable multicast router

Grace Lin gracelin at optonline.net
Tue Jan 18 18:34:42 PST 2005


I were running FBSD4.5 and try to enable multicast router but couldn't make it. Can any body help?

Grace Lin


what I did:

1) went into /usr/src/sys/modules/ip_mroute_mod compiled and make ip_mroute module.
    I added ip_id.c on SRC and change "CFLAGS += -DMROUTE_LKM -DMOUTE" to "CFLAGS += DMROUTE_KLD" from Makefile due to "-DMROUTE_LKM" need lkm.h file but coudn't find it in sys directory.

2) after sucessful created, installed and loaded ip_mroute into kernel I ran mrouted as:

mrouted: 22:21:38.072 can't enable Multicast routing in kernel: Operation not supported

3) ran netstsat

# netstat -g

Virtual Interface Table is empty

Multicast Routing Table is empty

IPv6 Multicast Interface Table is empty

IPv6 Multicast Routing Table is empty

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