Does FreeBSD support Intel E7210 Chipsets

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> Gary,
> Maybe if you offered solutions instead of whining
> and bashing all the
> time people would be interested in what you have to
> say. All we've ever
> seen you do is throw out insults and complain. If
> FreeBSD is so bad, use
> another OS. 
> I'm sure Microsoft would be more than happy to have
> you shell out the
> money for their products, and you'd get the sort of
> support you want
> -er, well, sort of. That's all I'm going to say on
> the matter.
> Thad


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> too bad, because I know the answer. Cheers.


Considering the response this illicited, I refuse to
consider even responding to a message that makes a
personal slander against anothers surname.

>Freebsd0101 at wrote:
>And from where do you "get" that I think FreeBSD is
>bad? FreeBSD 4.x
>is great. I just wish they'd support it instead of
>calling 5.x a 
>release before its even close to 4.x performance

I do not know if you are aware, but somebody else has
already had this idea.  The website is

But please, learn how to be calm in the face of
adversity, and not resort to name calling (just try to
generally be civil) before contributing to their

I'm sure that the DragonFly BSD group would appreciate

Consider this my last message sent on this topic
(unless constructive, and appropriate).

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