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Mark Ovens marko at
Tue Jan 18 03:52:23 PST 2005

Daniel Bye wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 18, 2005 at 08:30:52PM +1000, Warren wrote:
>> What is need for me to add/do in order for the pressing of Tab to 
>> autcomplete a name to work?  It works fine in root .. also when i 
>> press the up or down arrow keys it dosent bring up the previous 
>> command issued ...
>> im using FreeBSD5.3-STABLE
> What shell are you using?  I guess you haven't installed any shells 
> from ports yet, and are using the system default, /bin/sh, which 
> doesn't support autocomplete or command history.

It does support command history and editing, though not auto-complete.

''set -E'' or ''set -V'' at the prompt (or put either - they are 
mutually exclusive - in ~/.profile) will enable command history with
Emacs or vi style command editing respectively.



> The root shell is csh, which does have such things.  So, either set 
> your user's shell to be /bin/tcsh, or install one of the several 
> shells in ports.
> Dan

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