Backups / Dump etc

Jeff MacDonald bignose at
Fri Jan 14 09:00:27 PST 2005


I'm looking around at backup solutions. Currently we are using bacula,
but according to it's docs it only does a bare-metal restore for linux
and solaris.

I know that dump is the bees-knees for backing up, so I'm looking for
any pre-made scripts for doing scheduled incremental backups with
dump.. or articles about dump etc..

I've also been told that dump lacks network support and tho you can
use -f and ssh, it's very slow.

We could use amanada, but it barfs [or used to] on disks that are over 100 gigs.

My issue here is software, not hardware, have a tape drive as well as
a few 120gig drives kicking around.


Jeff MacDonald

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