Supermicro Hardware and FreeBSD

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Wed Jan 5 17:16:06 PST 2005

     On Wed, 5 Jan 2005 17:58:53 EST the latest troll <Tm4528 at>

>In a message dated 1/5/05 4:03:59 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
>joshua.lokken at writes:
>> Besides ... with a name like hardcodeharry, I would expect a little more
>> intelligence; a little more willingness to dig into things. A slight
>> tendency to ask the question: "how can I hack this code to work, and how
>> would I contribute those modifications to the BSD team?"
>You obviously speak from your armpit, because to do the kind of work

      Still in the Dark Ages, eh?  Even after all the gentle tutelage posted
in response to the childishly, foolishly insulting prior postings...tsk, tsk.

>to support the O/S at the chipset level is beyond the reasonable expectations
>of even the most talented of programmers. The learning curve to be able

      Ah.  So the troll didn't really expect *anybody* reasonably to have
provided support.  It just wanted something to bitch about on this list.  It
should go back to the bit bucket it came from.

>to understand the basic code is exceptionally steep. Thats why there are
>maintainers, becuase what takes him an hour would take someone else
    [more tutelage and some Trollish ravings deleted  --SB]

>They force their customer base to use the slothy thing, because modern 

     Apparently, the troll still hasn't fathomed that the developers have
no customer base because they don't sell the software.  That's why it's
called   ||||

though that probably wouldn't matter to a troll even if it could understand

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