canon lbp-1210

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Tue Jan 4 20:37:04 PST 2005

Hello, Michael --- (format corrected)
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Michael wrote:

> I'm trying to get my canon lbp-1210 to work under freebsd, it
> doesn't have any emulation and seems to be a windows only
> printer. 

Possibly correct, but IANAE and can't say for sure.

> Is there anyway to use windows drivers under freebsd for the printer?
> (EG: like the ndiswrapper is used to make windows network drivers
> work under freebsd)

I haven't heard of anything, but keep reading, if you will...

> When I plug in the printer to my freebsd4.10 machine into
> the USB slot it comes up as a 'ugen' which says to me that
> the computer doesn't know what the device is at all.  I've tried
> installing CUPs and looking for a suitable driver through CUPs
> but couldn't find one.  I'm now trying to find alternatives.  

I would suggest trying aspfilter then, also in ports.

> The printer has USB and parallel and prints fine under windows. 
> What about if I put a windows box as my printer server and is it
> possible to send printing through samba so that windows will
> catch it and convert it to the crappy printer of mine? 
> (EG: RAW --> Canon LBP-1210 windows drivers).
> ~Michael 

I do this at home via apsfilter (which automagically did most
of the Samba stuff for me) to a HP 6110 multi-function on an XP
box via Ethernet, so it might work for you, but YMMV....


Kevin Kinsey

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