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Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Tue Jan 4 00:56:38 PST 2005

Eric F Crist wrote:
> Sorry for the double reply, but I forgot to respond to the top half of 
> this email.  By including /etc/rc.subr, what exactly do I gain?  There 
> are already built-in means to execute a custom firewall script:
> I would assume that the system would institute my firewall rules at the 
> correct stage of startup, and thus, don't really want to mess with 
> that.  Please enlighten me as to rc.subr and it's benefits.  I'm new to 
> shell scripting, and I need all the knowledge I can gain.

Including rc.subr has become the standard way of creating scripts for 
startup of services, rc.diskless has been replaced by initdiskless in 
rc.d, there are scripts ipfw, ip6fw, ipfilter, and pf for the various 
firewall options,

Currently, ipfw/ip6fw calls rc.firewall/rc.firewall6 respectively. I 
wouldn't count on rc.firewall to be available in future versions, it 
would make sense that these are merged into ipfw/ip6fw.

rc.subr contains some neat functions, use warn, and your warning is also 
logged using logger, rc.subr automatically pulls defaults/rc.conf and 
rc.conf for you, contains the control switch statement you'd otherwise 
have to write your self, and lots of other goodies, see rc.subr(8).

Of course, if you are just writing one script, you might find it too 
much trouble, but since this is the standard recommended way of doing 
what you want to do, you win in the long run on maintainablility.

Really, what you gain is that you can focus on writing the stuff that 
makes your script different, rather than writing all the trivialities 
all scripts need.

Cheers, Erik

PS: Sorry about that wildshot, " = " for assignment/comparison - too 
much Perl, C etc. here... :-)
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