Recommended Mail Transfer Agent

Peter N. M. Hansteen peter at
Mon Jan 3 00:17:23 PST 2005

Michael Madden <madden at> writes:

> I'm looking to setup a mail server with FreeBSD 5.3 for a group of around
> 100 users, and I was wondering which MTA I should use.  I have noticed 
> sendmail is the default MTA, but I have no sendmail experience.  Also I know 
> historically sendmail has had some serious security issues.

Since nobody else so far has mentioned exim - that's what I use on my
mail servers (FreeBSD and OpenBSD). On FreeBSD and elsewhere it's an
easy install from ports, and it comes with a fairly human-readable
configuration file which comes out of the default install fairly well
commented. If you read and follow the port's onscreen directions, you'll
end up with a fairly good spam+worm filtering setup for your mail as
well. IME a low-maintainence, high-reliability option. 

> Furthermore, can someone recommend a decent POP3 and IMAP server?

There are several good ones in ports. imap-uw is very easy to set up.

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