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Michael Madden madden at
Sun Jan 2 14:42:45 PST 2005

>>Where do I go to learn about sendmail configuration?
> Pick up the O'Reilly "Bat Book" Sendmail book.  The site is 
> also a very good resource as well as IRC on freenode.
>>Any HOWTO <do something standard> instructions?
>>Where do I send newbie questions to? 

Does anyone know of a good tutorial/howto for configuring
sendmail on FreeBSD.  My two books ('Absolute BSD' and
'The Complete FreeBSD') make little mention of sendmail
configuration and focus on setting up postfix.

The FreeBSD Handbook seems incomplete and glosses over details:

1.) How do I edit /etc/rc.conf to start sendmail at boot.
2.) Most of the configurations files seem pretty normal, but seems quite obtuse.

I guess I'm looking for a document that would walk a newbie
through setting up sendmail on FreeBSD without being too arcane
or not detailed enough. My experience with some of the other
Oreilly books leads me to believe they're pretty generic;
I doubt I'd find information on how to setup sendmail for FreeBSD.

Thanks again,

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