triple monitor hardware setup on FBSD - suggestions needed...

Vulpes Velox v.velox at
Sat Jan 1 23:12:46 PST 2005

On Sat, 25 Dec 2004 17:45:49 -0800 (PST)
Joe Schmoe <non_secure at> wrote:

> I am currently running a triple-monitor setup under
> winXP, with an extended desktop that stretches across
> all three monitors.  I like it.
> I would, however, like to use FreeBSD.
> So, first off, what hardware (video card) comes to
> mind for doing triple screens with FreeBSD ?  A matrox
> P750 comes to mind, but when you run it with three
> screens, they downgrade to 1280x1024, which is bad.  I
> am happy to consider multiple video cards to
> accomplish this ... at the very least I need 1600x1200
> out of each card, preferably 1920x1200 ...

You can run as many as the motherboard and powersupply will allow for
> Second, what is the support for something like this in
> XFree86, or ?

Really nice for cards that support it. I personally would suggest
looking at nvidia cards.

> What I am really looking for is
> the ability to create virtually sized screens - so
> instead of having three total (physical) screens that
> I can maximize windows inside of, I want to split each
> physical screen in half for a total of 6 virtual
> screens - so there are six total areas within which I
> can maximize a window in ... this is something I am
> really trying to accomplish.

I am a little lost on what you mean by virtual screen. But what you
want is xinerama and a window manager that nicely supports it. Fluxbox
last I checked did it nicely. Any ways, window placement and
maximization and the like are a job of the window manager, not the X

I eventually got annoyed with the xinerama part and went back to just
letting them act like three seperate screens.

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