Installation instructions for Firefox somewhere?

John lists at
Sun Feb 27 21:34:32 GMT 2005

On Sun, 27 Feb 2005 10:01:44 +0100, Anthony Atkielski wrote

> About 2 GB total remaining on /usr.  Just installing X stuff gobbled 
> up a few hundred megabytes, it seems.

[ I said]

> > If space is tight, running make
> > distclean after make install helps, as does periodically deleting the 
> > contents
> > of /usr/ports/distfiles

[you said]

> Does pkg_add do this?

I don't think so. But here is an alternative strategy:

1. you mentioned that you had the ports tree on another machine. Can you nfs
mount it?

2. As others have mentioned, firebird is a fast-moving target. You *need* a
cvsupped ports in order to keep up with it. So why not install the tree,
portupgrade whatever rapidly changing applications you need (portupgrade
-aRr), then rm -rf /usr/ports?

> > [0] if you mean, by "pull the index from an ftp site" cd /usr/ports &&
make index
> I meant running /stand/sysinstall and selecting an FTP site as the
> "installation media" for the software.  It always downloads some 
> sort of index when I do that, which I assume is an up-to-date list 
> of all the ports available.

hmm. I've never used sysinstall for ports stuff apart from the initial
preparation.. When preparing a machine, I'll install the ports tree, and
cvsup-without-gui, and that's it. 
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