Question, is there any way or program that will let you clone/image a FreeBSD system

Andrew Batson abatson at
Sat Feb 26 21:37:55 GMT 2005


	I have spend a few hours trying to find way to create a clone/image
of a currently working FreeBSD version 5.3 system. I would like to be able
to clone/image the system to a secondary hard disk drive attached the PC. I
have used Symantec's Ghost many times for Windows Systems and know that it
could do the job but only in a sector by sector operation. This will create
huge images files.

	Is there any way to do? I have read about with g4u, dd, dump/restore
but they do not seems to be able to do create the clone/image on a secondary
attached hard disk drive.

Thanks for your help,

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