Is Yahoo! moving from FreeBSD?

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> Give me a break.  Most all (excepting a few power users or financial
> analysts) users of Office in corporate work use about 2% (or
> some small
> amount) of the features of Office and have never received formal
> training.  They write a few memos in Word, and a few
> incidental uses of
> perhaps PowerPoint or Excel.  They are self taught.  They use Office
> through institutional inertia.  I have worked in both large and small
> organizations and this is true across the board.  Very few people have
> had specialized training using MS Office, and very few people use it
> for more than writing memos, simple spreadsheets of their budget
> (adding up stuff), etc.  If they were given some other program that
> they could write memos with, and were told to use it, they would.

This happens quite a lot with Lotus Notes deployments, as a matter of

> There are no massive costs involved in retraining the major mass of
> employees. There may be a couple of power users who use Office to a
> large percentage of its capabilities and who would need to be
> retrained.

Or not.  To a large company with, say, 2000 employees, if 20 of them
are in the users of Office to a large percentage of it's capabilities
category, then let 'em alone.  It's far worth it to get the other 99%
of the users switched over.

What needs to change in these organizations is the tail wagging the
dog situation.  To many of these organizations have 20 power users
who aren't in the IT group and yet think they should be able to set
policy for the other 1,980 employees, and these people propagandize
the high-level managers who are so hidebound they never touch a PC,
into setting Orafice as the standard.

Then 6 months later the CEO who was asleep at the switch is demanding
to know why the IT budget went over by a half million for the year.


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