Is Yahoo! moving from FreeBSD?

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at
Fri Feb 25 18:16:42 GMT 2005

owner-freebsd-questions at wrote:
> Ted Mittelstaedt writes:
>> If you put anything other than Microsoft Office in front of those
>> people they will spend endless hours complaining about how much
>> better a job they can do (as if they are capabable of doing anything
>> better than their normal half-assed job of anything) if they have
>> Microsoft office, because they know that better ...
> They're right.  Why train them on something different when they
> already know how to use Office?  It makes no economic sense.
>> ... they are too lazy to learn something different ...
> It's not cost-effective to train them on anything different.  They
> already know Office, so put Office in front of them.  It's cheaper to
> buy them a copy of Office than it is to train them on something else,
> even if the something-else is free.

Your missing the point.  It's far more cost-effective for a business to
not hire a bunch of whiners in the first place.

I expect the above behavior out of the chewinggummy girl I hire to sit
at the reception desk for $7 an hour and present a set of nice boobs to
the customers
when they walk in the door.  If I can keep her off the phone to her
all day long I consider myself lucky, if I can actually get some real
work out
of her other than answering the phone and serving as eye candy, I'm in
seventh heaven.

But I don't expect this kind of whining from someone I hire at $30K a
to actually do some real clerical work that requires some responsibility,
and I am not going to stand for it for the $60K and above grown up adult
that I hire for a managerial or ops position or some such.

Unfortunately, there's still too many upper managers in business today
who came of
age before the computer became integrated into business, and chose to be
lazy and
not learn how to use them, and as a result today cannot themselves
operate the things, so it is not possible for them to hold their
employees to
any kind of standard in this area.

All throughout our businesses careers, we will be faced with this problem
having to unlearn the old way of doing things and learn new, better ways.
Everyone that works in a job faces this.  Unfortunately, many people
choose to refuse to unlearn old ways, and a larger percentage of them
get like this when they have been doing the old way for a long time.

It isn't impossible.  I've seen many older managers very skilled in
computer technology to their jobs, and this is a joy to behold as you
get a meld of experience in the industry to the technology that produces
some amazing things.  I would not want to compete in any way with these
folks!  Unfortunately, call me cynical or what, but these
managers appear to be in the minority.


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