Install Free BSD without floppy and bootable CD-ROM-drive

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Fri Feb 25 00:51:25 GMT 2005

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>Subject: Install Free BSD without floppy and bootable CD-ROM-drive
>I have notebook IP-120MHz, without FDD
>He is not boot from CD. It is very old.
>How can i install FreeBSD on in?
>It has Windows partition
>I see utilit setup.exe in the list of files in /tools, but
>has NOT found it.
>Help me, please!

Hauan David A wrote:

>See this how-to
Thanks for that link.  It's a good article.  But
we're still not helping the OP. 

To quote from this article:

"Slap in your boot disk, select your options, and get
yourself up to the point of choosing your installation
method.  Choose FTP install, and you should be
prompted to set up your network interface. Choose lp0,"

So, where is he supposed to "slap in" this "boot disk",
as he still has no FDD, and his BIOS won't boot from

Until someone invents hot-swappable motherboards
(gg), I don't see that he can do this either.  The installation
program *has to be* executing in memory on the machine
to be installed.

Now, if some manufacturer's BIOS supported etherboot
via PLIP interface, I could see some possibilities, though it's
a rather desperate endeavor.

Or am I just really, really dense here?

Kevin KInsey

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