high latency

Chris Knipe savage at savage.za.org
Mon Feb 21 11:36:33 GMT 2005

>> Hi,
>> I have 4 FreeBSD Servers connected to a Cisco 2950 all doing inter-VLAN
>> routing.  Everything is working right, but one server is getting absurdly
>> high latency through the VLANs.
> [...]
>> Now, the problematic box is running a RealTek card,
> Ugh. You don't say which one, but I just cured a prob with nfs by
> replacing a brand new Realtek card with an old digital NIC that was
> lying around. Not for the first time, I vow never to use Realtek cards
> again.

 Yup.  Switched the card and problem solved.  I use RealTek mainly because I
 have heard that they have the best support for VLANs with large packets
 inside those VLANs.

 Oh well, we'll be running only cisco on the networking side pretty soon,
 then there wont be a use for VLANs on the servers :)



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