webdav and mozilla calendar

Ean Kingston ean at hedron.org
Sat Feb 19 17:58:42 GMT 2005

On February 19, 2005 07:22 am, synrat wrote:
> Could you kindly share your config ? I seem to have webdav loading
> but can't figure out how to post calendars. Thanx a lot in advance.

From httpd.conf:

LoadModule dav_module         libexec/apache/libdav.so
AddModule mod_dav.c

Alias /Calendars /path-to-Calendars-dir
<Directory "/path-to-Calendars-dir">
   Options Indexes Multiviews
   DAV On
   Order deny,allow
   Require valid-user

Then I just used the export calendar from the Mozilla. Unfortunately, I 
switched to Firefox recently so I haven't got mozilla calendar anymore.

I do still have the DAV server running so I could install mozilla and test it 
out again if you need some more help.

> Ean Kingston wrote:
> > On February 18, 2005 08:45 pm, synrat wrote:
> >>has anyone been able to get mozilla calendar publishing to work with
> >>webdav/apache2 ( freebsd 5.3 )
> >
> > I got it to work with Webdav/apach1.3 but haven't tried 2.
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