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Tue Feb 15 17:18:47 GMT 2005

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>quoth the David Kelly:
>> Look closely at the Linux community and you'll find its mostly
>> ex-Windows users focused on what Microsoft is doing. The desire is to
>> one-up Microsoft at Microsoft's own game. Their definition of
>> "computer" and "human interface" was written by Microsoft and still
>> can't think outside of that box.
>I think your interpretation here is a tad glib. Sure there are thousands of
>people coming to Linux because they 'hate' MS. Sure they don't know gcc from
>ppc but I don't think it is fair to call them the 'community', rather a small
>subset. Do you think these people are writing any software? Are they
>designing programming interfaces? Do they have a damn thing to do with the
>development of Linux or any of its supporting software? Hell no. They are
>just users clogging up the message boards and mailing lists with stupid
>questions. "Human Interface"? Am I missing something? Can you please tell me
>where the much superior FreeBSD human interface can be downloaded? In the
>console they are pretty much the same keystroke for keystroke, and on the
>desktop it is all the same software...
>I run FreeBSD and Linux, and I love them both. I am trying to point out that
>when you slam Linux developers with pettiness and name calling that you are
>no better than all the lusers slamming MS, and thinking they're leet because
>they installed Fedora? I have noticed a lot of this on FreeBSD lists, and I
>think it is counterproductive because it is unprofessional and in the end
>more people using Linux means more people running free software which
>benefits _all_ of us...and besides, it is offensive to people like me that
>just like playing with 'nix boxes and run both.
>Why can't you just run your FreeBSD and feel superior, silently?
>> Look closely at the BSD community and you'll find those who are working
>> at creating a better tool to serve their needs. Much debate about
>> exactly what constitutes "better" so there is also quite a bit of
>> experimenting. What you won't find is Microsoft as the yardstick by
>> which BSD's measure.

I think you are all just plain off the mark. People use what they
use because it suits their needs best. If you can't program then 
source code is useless, and if you don't know much about networking
you might not be able to get linux or any unix to work at all. You
don't generally hear secretaries whining about not having source;
they just want the thing to work.

In all walks of life, people choose what suits them best. Just 
because someone is a republican doesn't mean he's a right-wing
anti-abortionist. It just means that it suits him better than 
the other choices. I suspect the same goes for your choice of
an O/S. 

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