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Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at
Tue Feb 15 16:58:34 GMT 2005

Ted Mittelstaedt writes:

> In short, there's no way to know how an incorrectly written
> HTML page will display on IE.

The solution is to not write HTML incorrectly.  That's what HTML
validators are for.  No browser has any obligation to behave in any
particular predetermined way in the face of bad HTML.

> As a result of this, people that create web pages (and I am NOT
> polluting the title 'web designer' by lumping every moron that writes
> a web page into that group) and only look at them with IE usually end
> up making lots of mistakes. They fix these by layering on even more
> bandaids and mistakes until they get something somewhat resembling
> what they are after. Is is of course only displayable in IE. Needless
> to say this is a VERY bad thing for the Internet because it undercuts
> the standards as it enables the proliferation of websites that don't
> follow them.

These Web sites harm no one except themselves.  Webmasters are sovereign
over their sites and I think they should be allowed to write anything
they want.  If I don't like the way their site does or does not display
in my browser, I'll leave the site.  I already do that routinely for any
site that contains Flash animation.

> That depends on your definition of "best"

It is likely to display most pages in a correct way.  I've been testing
Opera, Firefox, and MSIE side by side, and right now it's between
Firefox and MSIE.  Opera is already out of the running.


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