Erik Norgaard norgaard at locolomo.org
Sun Feb 13 20:44:02 GMT 2005

Paul Schmehl wrote:
>> Till then, you'll have to look in the Makefile, there are typically a 
>> lot of WITH_ or WITHOUT_ options. When posible, I recommend installing 
>> with default options and configure those options manually, otherwise, 
>> remember to save your custom options somewhere. It makes upgrade easier.
> I can't believe you said this and got away with it.  You can save your 
> make options in /etc/make.conf and never have to mess with them again, 
> unless you decide to change your install for some reason.  See the 
> following posts, for example...

Sorry did I get away with it? all those posts are before I subscribed - 
sorry again, should I check the archive before answering?

Taking an arbitrary post, it appears that make.conf is not always the 
best place since this sets options globally. But thanks, I have now 
learned how to get my ports compiled with support for a4 paper and _not_ 
letter :-)

Cheers, Erik

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