Please don't change Beastie [bike shed, EOT]

Greg Barniskis nalists at
Fri Feb 11 07:37:52 PST 2005

Bart Silverstrim wrote:

> I'm missing the part about the tennis shoes though.  I didn't realize 
> that was part of the joke...? :-)

goes to "why is it cartoonish?", "the shoes mean 'fast'", etc.

> Your duty should be to answer their questions and go over pertinent 
> information for the presentation.  If they want to know about it 
> *again*, give them the info.  If they keep forgetting, print up a 
> pamphlet.  There may already be stuff at the FreeBSD advocacy sites 
> ready to print.

It's not just a small group of people (the board), nor is it the 
same people for very long (rotating appointments), it's the boards 
and customers of all regional libraries (numbering dozens and 
hundreds of thousands). Having IT staff explain and defend 
"daemon/demon" simply does not scale, is my point. Even if it did, 
there's still the problem of people who are not convinced by the 
logical explanation (the willfully clueless).

Anyway as amusing as this topic is, I am personally /dev/nulling all 
related threads now, with a parting shot repeating my opinion that 
this whole thing is a *bike shed*.

To the defenders of the "no change!" position: if your argument is 
based mainly on love of Beastie or hatred of cluelessness, please 
consider stepping away from the bike shed while those interested in 
the more mundane aspects of this problem design a shed based on more 
practical concerns. ;-)

If a new, more practical shed emerges, I will be happy. If not, I 
will continue to use a high fence to obscure the view of the shed 
that I cannot use. I would of course be thrilled with a solution 
that used a sysinstall "theme" choice for boot screens and other 
"logo embedded" aspects of the OS so that at work I could use the 
"professional theme" while at home I could let Beastie roar.

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