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Wed Feb 9 08:56:26 PST 2005

.:PBS:. Medik wrote:
> I still have it today and proceeded to reinstalling it. I realize I 
> should have grabbed the latest release, but alas for some reason I can't 
> through my router. Yes I'm running a private network on windows, (for 
> the time being until I can adequately configure freebsd as a server).

Are you trying to download iso's? on windows or freebsd machine? Does 
the download start and fails halfway? There are many things you can try: 
Try a different mirror, try using an ftp program rather than through 
your browser. You can download and burn the iso's both on windows and 

> further more, I would also like to be able to install the Apache 
> web server, I managed to get the Apache_1.3.33 but for some reason it 
> wont compile (make), I have assumed that perhaps it was already compiled 
> and tried to do a config or an install to it and still nothing.. what am 
> I doing wrong?

Are you installing from ports or have you downloaded the source from and try to install that following the included instructions? 
I suggest you use ports - it has all the patches to make the compilation 
  work on freebsd.

> Yes I have already literally downloaded and printed several man pages on 
> multiple topics (over 180 pages worth)
> and I still can't make heads or tails from it.

The man-pages are for reference for how to use a particular command for 
a particular problem. You might want to start with the handbook to get 
heads and tail.

The handbook also shows you how to use ports, and how and where to get 
your copy of FBSD.

Cheers, Erik

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