Problem with mknod for /dev/random => jailed bind configuration

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Tue Feb 8 06:38:33 PST 2005


I've tried to configure a bind server in a chroot jail and am facing a 
problem with /dev/random
Thaugh I've read the man mknod I have to say that this didn't help me 
in solving the problem.

When I start named with the -g switch here are the error.

> 08-Feb-2005 15:18:22.551 errno2result.c:109: unexpected error:
> 08-Feb-2005 15:18:22.551 unable to convert errno to isc_result: 6: 
> Device not configured
> 08-Feb-2005 15:18:22.551 could not open entropy source /dev/random: 
> unexpected error
> 08-Feb-2005 15:18:22.551 using pre-chroot entropy source /dev/random

I've used the following mknod command :

mknod /var/named/dev/null c 2 2
mknod /var/named/dev/random c 2 3

and also tried :

mknod random c 245 0
mknod null c 2 2

I've chmod 666 the two files and make shure they are owned by bind:bind 
// ??

Any help will be welcome.

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