Electricity bill [was: Re: Leaving a Computer Running ?]

Svein Halvor Halvorsen svein-freebsd-questions at theloosingend.net
Tue Feb 8 06:10:05 PST 2005

* Erik Trulsson [2005-02-08 11:17 +0100]
>  Not necessarily true. It was my message you originally replied to, and 
>  the apartment where I live has central heating, such that the heating 
>  is included in teh rent, and does not show up on the electricity bill 
>  (and I don't think the heating uses electricity anyway.)

I understand that these presumption is not allways correct. Alot of people 
have central heating in Norway as well. Especially in houses that were 
built before 1950-ish when the power-revolution took place in Norway with 
alot of new-built hydroelectric plants. 

However, I believe this to be generally correct. I should confess that I 
don't have alot of detailed knowledge on Sweden though, even though we're 
neighbours so to speak. This was the reason I stated the presumptions 

Svein Halvor
Who right now could use another computer to heat up my room.

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