Electricity bill - OT

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> A lot of new-built houses in the US are installing continuous
> circulation systems for hot water, which greatly reduces the time the
> HW heater is running, since when you turn on the hot water, you get
> instantaneous hot water and don't have to run a ton of water before it
> gets hot, which reduces the amount of HW wasted.

This is a gimmick built to sell houses, a cool one, but only in hot
climates does it make much difference.  In cooler climates the heat
from the standing water in the pipes just makes the furnace run less,
thus the savings are a wash.

> Also, the new
> tankless HW heaters look interesting...

those have been around for at least 20 years.  As most of them are
electric, not natural gas, your going to pay more money for heating
water with a bunch of those than with a central gas water heater.


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