Electricity bill - OT

David Gerard fun at thingy.apana.org.au
Tue Feb 8 02:18:46 PST 2005

Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC (chad at shire.net) [050208 15:29]:

> A lot of new-built houses in the US are installing continuous 
> circulation systems for hot water, which greatly reduces the time the 
> HW heater is running, since when you turn on the hot water, you get 
> instantaneous hot water and don't have to run a ton of water before it 
> gets hot, which reduces the amount of HW wasted.  Also, the new 
> tankless HW heaters look interesting...
> I run my computers all the time, but shut down the ones I rarely use.  
> So my G4 and G5 are on all the time (unless I leave the house for an 

Obviously you need to run your hot water system through the servers.
Isn't the new G5 watercooled?

- d.

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