natd or firewall problem?

Gelsema, Patrick gelsemap at
Sun Feb 6 04:35:10 PST 2005

I think that has to depend on how your natting and firewalling is set up.
Aka how do you manage incoming traffic, outgoing and forwarding traffic
between 2 interfaces.
I'm using ipchains for it, and I got my rules per interface setup, and do
thorough checks regarding sources.

But it is something that could work. Just have to work out your firewall

I use 2 types of dns, one for internal use, and the other for external. 

My 0,2 cents


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> Gelsema, Patrick wrote:
> > Thats right, you can do the following:
> > Put the ip-address with its FQDn 
> ( in every 
> > hosts file (taken its windows) or in its hosts file on 
> freebsd. Or you 
> > run an internal DNS with an internal zone for your domain whilst 
> > running on the internet the external zone.
> > 
> > Regards,
> > 
> > Patrick
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> Out of interest, why would using the external ip address not work. 
> Would the packets not just be directed out to the router as per usual 
> and then the router would notice it should forward the packets to the 
> www server?  What am I missing?  The only problem I can think 
> of might 
> be sending packets back to the internal ip address.
> Thanks
> Chris
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