OT: Funny disclaimers (Was: Re: ssh root@localhost)

Svein Halvor Halvorsen svein-freebsd-questions at theloosingend.net
Fri Feb 4 09:02:55 PST 2005

* Bart Silverstrim [2005-02-03 08:01 -0500]
>  I wonder why if the messages are so important they don't PGP or GPG them.
>  Wouldn't that make more sense for sensitive material?

To send email from the Ullevål university hospital in Oslo, the first to 
words of the email needs to be "ikke sensitiv" (Norwegian for "not 
confidential") in order for the email server to allow the email to be sent 
to the outside world. These restrictions do not apply for internal mail.

If you don't include these two words, the email server will bounce it back 
to you, telling you to not send confidential information outside the 
hospital, or to include the magic words, in case that the message in fact 
is not confidential.

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