Book Recomendations

Peter N. M. Hansteen peter at
Wed Feb 2 23:14:33 PST 2005

Nick Pavlica <linicks at> writes:

>   I'm looking at deploying FreeBSD on my servers and would like your
> book recommendations.  We will probably be using 4.11 or 5.3 or > on
> our servers.

The Handbook is very valuable and available either from your local file
system or from your friendly neighborhood FreeBSD mirror. Greg Lehey's
"The Complete FreeBSD" was updated to its fourth edition in time to
cover most of what is new and exciting in the 5.n series, and contains a
lot of useful, non-version specific FreeBSD and Unix info. CFBS is an
O'Reilly title now, available direct or via good book stores (online or

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